Data privacy

The protection of your data is important to us. The health data of your pet belong to you. At any time, you are able to retrieve the data as a report or delete them permanently from our platform. We offer you an easy way to manage, store and access that data from anywhere. We do not want to lock you in. You are free to grab your data and continue its management somewhere else.

We do not analyse your data and do not pass them on to third parties. Third parties only have access to your data as long as it is required for the offering of our product (refer to data storage).

Data storage

The PetDossier web application is installed on infrastructure of Hetzner and all health data is stored there. Documents, images and videos are stored on servers by Amazon in Frankfurt, Germany.

Stripe stores your payment information. Refer to Stripe's data privacy statement for more information.

Data transfer

The data exchanged between the PetDossier web application and you is encrypted via HTTPS. If you have activated email reminders, we send you some health data via email to understand the context of the reminder.

Web Analytics

We do not use analytics tools by third parties such as Google Analytics. On our own servers we analyse page views to recognize often used features. That helps us in refining the product for you.

Do you have questions about your data or how we mange it? Contact us at